Blog No 2: March 12th 2021
Reflections on a yet another rollercoaster week for Pinnaklo Ltd

On Friday last, as I attended the information session with Network Cork on the upcoming professional awards process for 2021, it became an opportune time for me to look back at the past week and the many facets of what we do.
There were many things that made the week great despite never leaving the four walls of my house amongst these I get the opportunity to work daily alongside several very impressive small to medium sized business owners across Cork city and county, whom I have watched pivot this past year and adapt to the changing environment we all found ourselves in.
I am forever grateful for the opportunities our clients have given Pinnaklo Ltd as we continue to add value to their organisations which is at the centre of everything we do.

We all know, keeping our clients happy is so important but continuing to engage with new prospective clients to keep our business model developing is something that I continue to monitor. This past week I had some excellent virtual meetings with some new potential clients, and I look forward in the coming weeks to getting that call to say that they are choosing to work with us at Pinnaklo Ltd. There is nothing better than the buzz of new business but the right business too.
As I build the team in Pinnaklo Ltd, it has always been one of my ambitions to enable remote and flexible work arrangements for my team and this week I was delighted to agree the first of these arrangements with a very experienced finance professional and more importantly a mum in Castlebar with two very small children… a nice move as we celebrated “International Women’s Day during the week too”.
Developing and mentoring others to succeed in their careers is one of my passions and this came in 2 forms this past week. I had the privilege to train and mentor 10 very impressive female entrepreneurs as part of the EXXCEL Entrepreneurship program with the Rubicon Centre at MTU Cork as I guided them in building financial plans for their new business ideas.
Secondly, At Pinnaklo Ltd, we were delighted to receive some excellent CVs from students studying for a master’s degree in Management Information and Managerial Accounting Systems in UCC, who are interested in joining the company on work placement, this is fantastic to see, it’s means our business is gaining profile and I hope that that one of them will choose to join our growing organisation.
All of this on top of celebrating International Women’s Day last Monday with my 3 teenage daughters… Yes, my life is busy and full, and I have limited spare moments, but it is incredibly fulfilling, and I would not change anything. Onwards and upwards we go.

Noella Carroll,
Managing Director, Pinnaklo Ltd