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Although you may know your business best, you may not be equipped with the knowledge needed to weather the storms that come with running a business. That’s where we step in.


Your success is our success. With our many years of expertise in guiding and supporting business through transformation we can bring our expertise to you and your leadership team to strengthen your business.
We will work with your teams to enhance the commercial strengths of your business. We explore the risks and provide solutions to give you every edge against your competitors in the market place.

Our knowledge spreads over a range of sectors, enabling us to provide you with the most informed decisions and advice.


Do you know where your business is most vulnerable? Have you done a risk analysis? Do you know how strong your business is protected? An in-depth risk analysis can identify strengths within the business that can be further utilised to your competitive advantage.


The profitability of your business comes from many different areas, do you know where yours comes from? Do you know how to improve your profits? Our team can help you identify the largest contributor to your profit, and advise you on how to use that knowledge to take advantage of it. Have a talk with our team on improving your profitability today!


Do you know your business potential? Is your business going to grow by 15% or 20% or decrease by 7.5%, what would you do with that foresight? What business decisions would you take differently if you knew what your future profitability looked like? Talk to our team and recognise your potential profitability!


As businesses develop and grow, the complexity of financial challenge grows in parallel, often triggering the need for new and more senior leadership in the Finance function. Our team can provide an unmatched amount of knowledge in this sector.


Do you have the right data and information to make the right decisions for your business?
Decisions become easier and faster when you have access to the right data.
With our experience and knowledge in data systems, analytics and processes, we can enable these decisions to be easier and faster.


At Pinnaklo, we believe that People should be a high priority for any business that wants to succeed. In today’s world, wellness is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. We at Pinnaklo believe the wellness of your employees has a direct connection to the profitability of the business. The working environment, culture and the wellness of the workforce all contribute to the success of the business.

Why Pinnaklo?

The team in Pinnaklo have worked for many years in different organisations including Tech, Pharma, Textiles, Hospitality and Service Industries as Financial Controllers, Finance Directors and Managers. Coming from family business, owner managed SME and Corporate environments we have all reached a point in our career where we want to share our knowledge and experiences by adding value to your organisation, to watch the success of your company thrive and grow
The team at Pinnaklo are value driven – we work to ‘teach’ and advise others and celebrate in your success
We are honest, friendly and professional, we appreciate working with organizations that are like minded committed to the success of your organisation

Our Vision

Our Vision is one where businesses can thrive and grow, demonstrating that being an entrepreneur is a career choice, not just something you fall into because you had a bright idea

Our Values


We think it’s important you have the right advice to make the best decision


It is important to us that you gain strategic value from the information and services we provide


We will always use current best practice in the advice and guidance we give you and your team


Our clients will get the benefit of our continued learning and experience.

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