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People are a priority for any business that wants to succeed. Pinnaklo support you in pioneering change and in increasing workplace wellness and employee engagement.

The working environment, culture and the wellness of the workforce all contribute to the essence of the business. Your team are at the pinnacle of the organisation – that’s where the name ‘Pinnaklo’ comes from.

At Pinnaklo we believe the wellness of your employees has a direct connection to the success of the business. We train line managers in good people management and navigating mental health issues. We also offer regular well-being support to promote good workplace mentality and expression across all employees.

Client testimonial: Arema Connect logo

Client Testimonial: Arema Connect

Pinnaklo assisted us in enabling remote working procedures and processes. Strong management advice and support was invaluable during this transition period. It also involved connecting with the team from a wellness perspective through various wellness sessions which are still ongoing at regular intervals. They have become very valuable to our team.

Pat Keogh – Managing Director, Arema Connect


We all need support. A team that works well together and supports each other achieves their goals and exceeds the expectations of your customers. But if any part of the team is not supported, it can have a significant negative impact on the success of the whole.

In today’s disconnected working environment, team members may be working from home, the office, the factory, or on the road. Wherever they work, it is important that they feel connected to the businesses and feel supported as part of the team.

We at Pinnaklo are here to provide your team with the extra support your workforce needs to achieve their potential.


Listening to your employees can have far reaching positive effects. Good leaders manage, great leaders listen. Leaders who know the value of communication create more successful teams.

If you want to find out what your workforces’ opinion is in regard to any subject, issue, situation or process, then listening is key. To get the right answers you have to ask the right questions, even if they happen to be the difficult ones.

At Pinnaklo we provide an environment where your employees are listened to, where the important questions are asked and where concerns are addressed. We provide a safe environment where employees can grow and improve their working life and reduce the stress that their working environment may be causing them.


What type of culture does your business have: a culture of blame or a culture of support and inclusion? Toxic work environments have a real financial cost – the annual cost of culture-related turnover is $44.6 billion and up to $86 billion worth of unplanned absences can be attributed to workers calling in sick when they don’t feel like going to work.

Creating the best business culture isn’t about your company brochure, it is about how the employees feel within the business. Do they have a voice in the decision making process?

Achieving a positive culture within a company can improve relationships and will positively affect company profitability and overall success.


A simple willingness to listen to the people who work for you is what we do at best. We provide a safe environment that can be extremely helpful to employees and emotional support to assist your employees though the ever-changing environments we find ourselves in.
We share with them ways to mind their mental health, focus on what they can control, and provide the listening ear where concerns can be addressed.


The health of your employees effects the health of your team. It is important to have the correct processes and procedures for any health issues to be disclosed in a trusting environment. Creating an environment of trust instead of blame can have immensely positive effects on the entire workforce.
Empowered employees can operate within a space of safety and perform to their best of their ability, while also making sure the company is efficient and meets their goals.
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