I’ll tell you about the chickens later, right now I’m looking back at 2021.

Having put our heads in the sand in 2020 and with a new year’s resolution for 2021, Pinnaklo got more involved in the business world of Cork. Virtual networking with the Chamber of Commerce and the fabulous Network Cork, engaging a very experienced marketing expert, featuring in WOW (Echo), and entering the emerging business category of the Network Cork Awards where Pinnaklo made it to the final!
In the second half of 2021, Pinnaklo focused on adding to the team with 2 new fully remote and flexible roles, Sandra based in Clare is our Marketing & Admin expert and Niamh based in Waterford joined me on Client Delivery. With all the Pinnaklo team scattered across the island of Ireland, getting to know each other is important, therefore we meet monthly at co-working spaces in different parts of the country Limerick one of the favourites… to establish ways of working with each other and plan.
For me personally, the highlight of the year came in December with my appointment as the first female Non-Executive Director to the board of the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland and to the role of Treasurer for Network Cork, I am genuinely gratified by these appointments and look forward to sharing my experience with these growing organisations.

Now I must go back to feeding the chickens next door, we are fortunate to have been asked to mind the chickens for the Down Syndrome Field of Dreams over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, it’s a nice break from the world of numbers and from the never-ending family dramas…

Thanks to all our colleagues, family and friends who helped us on our journey, and we look forward to working with you in 2022