Enabling SME growth – strengthening your business

What are the best steps to take next to grow your business? Growth can be challenging and many businesses lack the expertise and oversight to take full advantage of opportunities as they happen.

That’s where we come in – with expert financial advice that allows you to take control of your business’s path and set it on the path to success.

noella carroll enabling growth

Your success is our success. With our experience in guiding businesses through transformation, we can bring our expertise to your leadership team to strengthen your business as you grow.

We work with your teams to enhance the commercial strengths of your business. We explore the risks and provide solutions to give you every available edge against your competitors in the market place.

We provide you with the information you need, whether that’s in forecasting or budgeting. If you have outgrown your processes, we can share the best available options to improve them.

With our broad expertise we can advise on everything from mitigating increased manufacturing procurement costs to the best structures for your finance and support teams.

Client testimonial

” Over the last 14 months Pinnaklo has become an integral part of the team, helping us identify risk and opportunity in the business, redesigning our processes so we can see revenue growth opportunities more clearly whilst increasing profitability.

Our company is stronger because of Pinnaklo’s engagement with Ballymaloe Foods. “

Maxine Hyde – General Manager Ballymaloe Food

Our knowledge is spread over a range of sectors, enabling us to provide you with the most informed decisions and advice.


Your business’s profitability comes from many different areas: do you know which ones and how to improve them? We can help you identify the largest contributors to your performance and profit, and advise how to use that knowledge.


Will your business grow or decrease this year and by how much? And what decisions would you make if you knew your future profitability? Talk to our team about gaining foresight and recognising your potential.


Do you have information to make the right decisions? Everything gets simpler with access to the right data. Our knowledge of data systems, analytics and processes enables you to make better decisions and make those decisions more easily and faster.


Do you know where your business is at its strongest and most vulnerable? Our in-depth risk analysis protects your business while identifying strengths within it that can be used to your competitive advantage.


As businesses develop and grow, so does the complexity of the financial challenges they face. Our team can provide an unmatched amount of knowledge in this area, including mentoring your finance staff to upskill and rise to the challenges.


Any business that wants to succeed makes people a high priority. The work environment, culture and workforce wellness all contribute to business profitability. Pinnaklo helps you invest in your biggest asset – your people.

Pinnkalo’s values


We want you to make the best decisions for your business. Our policy of transparency means we make sure you are fully informed and have the right advice.


Through our services and information, our goal is always to add real value so you can continue growing and furthering your business.


We will always use current best practice in the advice and guidance we give. We want to see you reach your fullest potential.


Our clients get the full benefit of our continued learning and experience, from across many different industries and sectors, tailored to their needs.

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