About us – Pinnaklo’s story and our people

All businesses, from recent start-ups to long-established, need the best expert financial advice to explore new opportunities and enable growth.

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Pinnaklo was founded in Cork with SME growth in mind. Noella Carroll, our founder, recognised that employing a CFO or seasoned financial professional full-time is not a possibility for many SMEs and that this often limits their potential.

Tailoring her experiences and expertise from the corporate multinational space to SMEs, she founded Pinnaklo. The name comes from the word pinnacle – the best and most important aspect.

No company succeeds by itself – it needs proactive employees who are invested and engaged in the company’s core values and culture. We work with you to ensure that employees are at the front and centre of an organisation and your company is geared for growth, both financially and professionally.

Our people understand SMEs. We know how to work with you, and your people, to increase revenue and achieve your potential.

About Noella Carroll

I come from an entrepreneurial background: my dad was the grocer of a small shop in Millstreet, Co Cork, and my mum was a hairdresser from Bandon who moved into the trade to join my dad in the late 60’s.

Being brought up by entrepreneurial parents I saw the great days – like when we got the first whipped ice-cream machine in Millstreet! – and the bad days, like when a fire damaged our shop and closed us temporarily. I saw the days we couldn’t pay the supplier and the days we went to Muckross House to celebrate a goods week’s takings.
So taking care of business is my blood. My passion is helping companies gain the confidence to take action to meet their stretch goals.

I am a qualified Chartered Management Accountant with 25 years’ experience in various business sectors. Having focused years in the large corporate space, I returned to the SME sector in 2019, with a focus on supporting owners and manager of businesses in planning for growth.

I am a proud member of Cork Chamber and Network Cork and a business mentor with LEO Cork City. Outside of the office, I am the mother of 3 teenage daughters, a juvenile athletics distance coach, and a keen rugby fan – go Munster!

Noella Carroll

About Sandra Gilligan

I’ve known what it’s like to take on responsibility since my teens. I worked for my mum when I was in college – she manages a Co-op, Agricultural and Dairy Society – so I understand the importance of being flexible and resourceful when working with smaller organisations.

I studied Economics and Social Science in NUI Galway. I worked in the finance department of a multinational before moving to Dublin for a role with Ulster Bank, where I worked for almost 12 years.

I have 15 years’ experience in the areas of financial services, relationship management, recruitment, accounts administration and office management. I’m currently completing a Human Resources Management course with Galway Business School.

I’m from Leitrim and living in Clare with my husband and two children. My hobbies are cooking, yoga, photography, and interior design – or at least buying interior design magazines. I’ve recently started running which I hate and love; I love telling people I’m going for a run but don’t really enjoy the actual running part!
I am enjoying working for a company and a person – not a large division or department. There’s lots to learn yet at the same time I can draw on my experience of working with SMEs and bring that forward working for an SME.

Sandra Gilligan

About Megha Singh

I studied finance for my undergrad and postgraduate diploma in my native India. Growing up my family encouraged me to seek out new experiences and learn about different cultures, which was a factor in my decision to relocate to Cork to pursue a master’s degree in corporate finance at UCC. Here I hope to learn more about the finance industry and experience living and working in Ireland. I’m eager to learn the differences between work culture in Ireland and India. No doubt, there are similarities too. For me, there is something so fascinating about finance which has always motivated me to learn more and more every day.


I have almost 5 years of financial and customer service experience under my belt. Whether it was landing an entry-level position at FinEdge Advisory after college or rising to the position of senior financial planning analyst at Ameriprise Financial in India, I have always prioritized my learning and been able to drive results. The business world is ever evolving, and I appreciate the opportunity to use my expertise to contribute to these innovations.  I am thrilled to join the team at PINNAKLO Ltd., I’m excited to put my experience to use in pursuing both my personal and professional ambitions with equal gusto.


Outside of work, I like traveling and marveling at the beauty of the world. I also love to read, especially Self-Help books & Biographies. Recently, I have taken an interest in sustainable finance, and I am intrigued by what this can bring for the future. This is an area I look forward to learning more about”.


Pinnkalo’s values


We want you to make the best decisions for your business. Our policy of transparency means we make sure you are fully informed and have the right advice.


Through our services and information, our goal is always to add real value so you can continue growing and furthering your business.


We will always use current best practice in the advice and guidance we give. We want to see you reach your fullest potential.


Our clients get the full benefit of our continued learning and experience, from across many different industries and sectors, tailored to their needs.

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