Bring your business to the next level with financial leadership

If your business had access to senior finance, what could it do for you? Pinnaklo provide outsourced financial services to help clients navigate current challenges while creating their roadmap to a successful future.
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As businesses develop and grow so does the complexity of the financial challenges. This means growing businesses have a real need for new and more senior financial leadership in the Finance function.

A strong financial leader will encourage you when you need to seize the opportunity and put the brakes on when they’re required. They recognise the needs of the business, from the operation to the marketing teams, as well as counting pennies and managing cost.

But where do you find a senior finance at a price you can afford? Pinnaklo offers the benefits of strong financial leadership without the traditional costs and obligations. Our clients also benefit from the broader knowledge of our experienced group instead of a single hire.

We problem-solve and provide finance transformation solutions to SMEs and entrepreneurs so they can succeed with their business growth plans. Our service is tailored to suit your requirements – the expertise you require, for the length of time you require it, available for hire.

Client testimonial

” Noella took us through our financial year end and audit. She was very forthcoming with her experienced advice and guidance on finance and related support areas including process, technology, and organisation structure. She recommended added-value improvements and changes we could and should make to our business.

Eoin O’Sullivan – M&P O’Sullivan

Outsourcing your senior financial needs

Engaging a finance leader during any stage of company growth can give you a competitive advantage. The skills, valuable advice and experience that a finance leader provides can help you bring your business to the next level.

  • Early Growth – You’re busy in the business, increasing sales – you don’t have time for forecasting and dissecting the finances. More transactions means more suppliers, customers, supply chain risks, and staff, exchange impacts; it’s time to outsource your financial oversight and save yourself time and money.
  • Business Planning – You want to expand and need information such as a market & competitive analysis, sales strategy, financial projections and key performance indicators, but you’re not sure how to put that together. A strong business plan is essential for financing, grant funding and strategic planning.
  • Expanding – Are you sure your products and services are costed correctly? Make new product decisions with the right information. When service or product offering expands, it’s time to bring in a costing expert, Profitability opportunities are considered, costs are scrutinised and decisions impacting service or product cost are challenged.
  • Stagnation – The business is not performing as well as you think it could. An outsourced financial leader can help you understand why and what action is required to turn things around.
  • Maturing – Established business face significant decisions. Investments, acquisitions, geographic expansion, IPO, retirement planning, new site or factory, even selling the business; expert advice from a seasoned professional is essential when making decisions of that magnitude.
outsourced financial advice

Get better financial advice with Pinnaklo on your team

We Listen

Understand from the eyes of the owner-manager what the current scenario is and where the problems or issues lie

We Evaluate

Research, consult, analyse to get a clearer picture of the roots cause of issues and how they might be mitigated

We Report

Recommend a tailored solution to the owner-manager on available options, dissect pros and cons with a recommendation

We Execute

Our agreed services will mitigate problems or issues, including feedback and controls to keep process or structure from deviating

Pinnkalo’s values


We want you to make the best decisions for your business. Our policy of transparency means we make sure you are fully informed and have the right advice.


Through our services and information, our goal is always to add real value so you can continue growing and furthering your business.


We will always use current best practice in the advice and guidance we give. We want to see you reach your fullest potential.


Our clients get the full benefit of our continued learning and experience, from across many different industries and sectors, tailored to their needs.

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