About Us

All businesses, from a recent start-up to an established 30-year-old business, have the need for good advice. Pinnaklo was founded with the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) World in mind, to provide advice and support to owners and managers alike on all financial matters.

We are a commercially driven Finance support group….we enable growth.

About Noella

I am a qualified Chartered Management Accountant with 25 years experience in various business sectors from large corporate to small and family business. My passion is helping companies gain the confidence to take action to meet their stretch goals.
Having focused for many years in the large corporate space, I returned to support the Small Medium Enterprise Sector in 2019, with a focus on owner/manager business planning for growth.
I come from a heavily entrepreneurial background: my dad was the Food Grocer of a small shop in Millstreet Co Cork and my mum a Hairdresser from Bandon Co Cork, moving into the grocery trade to join my dad in the late 60’s. Being brought up by entrepreneurial parents I saw the great days, when we got the first whipped ice cream machine in Millstreet and the bad days, when a fire across the road damaged our shop and closed us temporarily. I saw the days we couldn’t pay the supplier and the days we went to Muckross House to celebrate a goods week’s takings…

I am a proud member of Cork Chamber and Network Cork.

Our Vision

Our Vision is one where businesses can thrive and grow, demonstrating that being an entrepreneur is a career choice, not just something you fall into because you had a bright idea

Our vison is to help businesses of every size and experience achieve their full potential. we believe that with the right tools and drive for success, every business owner and entrepreneur can grow further than they previously had thought.

Our Values


We think it’s important you have the right advice, and we will uphold a policy of transparency to make sure you are fully informed, in order to make the decision that is right for your business.


It is important to us that you gain strategic value from the information and services we provide, so you are able to continue growing and furthering your business in the future.


We will always use current best practice in the advice and guidance we give you and your team, we want to see you advance to your fullest potential.


Our clients will get the benefit of our continued learning and experience, achievable only through years in many different sectors of business

Our Promise

“To reliably deliver relevant expertise, value and lasting impact.”

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