Cybercrimes are becoming increasingly sophisticated, therefore it is important for business owners and those in control of the company purse, to implement measures and procedures to prevent falling victim to scams.

Niamh has put together a list of steps you can take today.

• Multi -factor authorisation
Having dual or multi factor authorisation reduces the likelihood of funds being paid away in error and can reduce fraudulent activity
• Independent verification
Use an Iban checker and email checker to very email addresses and Bank details. Independently check requests to make amendment to payment details
• Do not overshare on social media
Remember, personal information can be used in a cyber-attack. Less is more!
• Update passwords regularly.
Change passwords often, and don’t use the same passwords for multiple accounts,
• Staff training
Train and educate staff on the risks and types of cyber-crime attacks. Human error is major weakness in even the most sophisticated system.
• 999
Have you called the guards? Report criminality straight away. No reporting security breaches will damage your reputation.